How to Turn One Sale into Several More

Many of us are so busy casting as wide a net as we can to find new leads that we overlook those that are right in front of us. In this week’s Great Idea, I share how one job led to several more for Grunder Landscaping Co. and what you can do in the off-season to set yourself up for success at sales next year:

How do you nurture existing clients?

1. Deliver exceptional service. There’s no better nurturing tactic than that. Do what you said you would do, and then do a little more.

2. Take the time to get to know your clients as individuals rather than as business opportunities. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Remember their birthdays, their children’s names, their favorite sports teams. Take an interest in them and their well-being, and they’ll likely take an interest in you and yours.

3. Check in with them regularly, through handwritten notes, e-mails, phone calls. Ask to meet with them in person, whether it’s for a friendly lunch or to walk their property with them and discuss any concerns they have.

4. If you follow steps one through three, your clients are likely to refer you to their friends and neighbors without your needing to ask, but there’s also nothing wrong with asking as long as you aren’t overbearing. At GLC, we’ve found our best clients want us to succeed and are happy to connect us with prospective customers when they can.

Have a great week!

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Marty Grunder
President & CEO, The Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co.

P.S. In response to popular demand, we’ve added Marty’s Super Sales Bootcamp to our upcoming events schedule. Join us in Cincinnati on December 10 for a day of fast focused fun and learn how to sell your way to success with tools and tactics that work.