Would You Want to Work for You?

I spent time out west this past week, where two of our ACE Peer Groups met to work on their businesses, focus intently on the challenges they’re facing, and put our heads together to find solutions. It’s inspiring to see so much ambition and camaraderie in one room and for owners to know they’re not alone. Here are my takeaways:

Can your team operate well without you? If you don’t think they can, what can you do to start to lessen reliance on you as the owner?

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$uper Sales Bootcamp

We’re holding a special one-day $uper Sales Bootcamp in Cincinnati on Friday, June 7. If you want to meet and exceed your targets this summer and fall, I’ll show you the tricks and tactics that work for us, year after year, at Grunder Landscaping Co. View the full agenda and reserve your spot here.