A Landscaping Company to Learn From

Earlier this week The Grow Group touched down in Denver, CO, to spend a few days gearing up for our GROW! 2019 Annual Conference in February. This time around we’ll be going behind the scenes of Lifescape Colorado, a leading Denver landscaping company that CEO Michael Hupf and his team have grown from $3 million to $15 million in annual revenue.

This is now my 24th year leading GROW! and in that time I have seen a wide, wide range of approaches to leading a winning company—and I have begged, borrowed, and stolen tactics from virtually all of them to help move Grunder Landscaping forward. That’s exactly why we offer the tours: So we can all see up close and in person how other companies do it and, in turn, adapt and refine the approaches we take back home.

Here’s what struck me the most from our time with the Lifescape team this week:

They place a premium on design, and they hire and charge for it. Lifescape’s work is incredibly creative (take a look), the materials they use are top-notch, and they’ve built a team that is both remarkably talented and deeply experienced. This has enabled them to become a true leader in the Denver market and to cultivate a clientele who will pay for their expertise. They’ve also cast a nationwide net for hiring, with impressive results. When we don’t meet the sales goals we’ve set, many of us turn reflexively to lowering our prices. What if instead we focused on raising our quality?

They think outside the box and seize opportunity where they find it. For years the Lifescape team was split across two facilities, with a yard that had no water or electricity. This all changed two years ago when Michael stumbled upon a church for sale, recognized its hidden potential, and purchased it. Today Lifescape has transformed the former church space into their (wildly creative) own, relocated their entire team there, and is now centrally located—making it easier to reach their clientele and to attract top talent. The move has also dramatically improved their culture and accountability. The lesson? Be innovative. What you think is a nonstarter or a limitation can sometimes be the best dare you ever take.

They are in a state of continual improvement. Lifescape has gone from being a hobby business formerly led by an artist, to a profit-generating company led by Michael, a Stanford-trained businessman who values artists. It’s been a sea change, and worth every stroke. From Michael’s laser-like focus on finance and networking to their team’s commitment to delivering quality and communicating with their clients, this is a company that’s perpetually on the move. That’s how you win in a tremendously competitive market like Denver; in fact, that’s how you win no matter where you are.

Spend some time this week thinking about these takeaways and how they can move your own company forward. And if you want to join us in Denver and see Lifescape for yourself, we’d love to see you there.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

Have a great week!

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P.S. Join us in Denver for our GROW! 2019 Annual Conference and tour Lifescape for yourself. Then meet us on the slopes or in the spa afterward for our VIP Ski Trip to Beaver Creek. It’s going to be a blast!