How to Turn a Prospect into a Client

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses get sales wrong.

They pressure you to sign on the dotted line. They ignore what you ask for and tack on bells and whistles you didn’t ask for. They hammer you with phone calls. They tell you to act today or lose out on the offer, and then when you don’t bite they call you again tomorrow with the same offer.

Anyone who’s ever bought a car, or hired movers, or replaced their fridge has encountered these tactics. And you’ve either been turned off entirely by them, or you’ve grudgingly given in to them only because you didn’t have another option. We all need a fridge.

At Grunder Landscaping, we take the opposite approach.

We know landscaping is usually not a necessity. We listen closely to what our prospects want and we make sure our proposals address their requirements. We make a compelling case for the unique value we’ll deliver, and then we shut up to let them think about it.

If we don’t hear back, we call them, but we don’t pressure them. Instead we ask if they’ve had a chance to make a decision. We try to control the conversation by asking close-ended questions, but we do it gently. We tell them we’d love to work with them, but we also want them to love working with us. We understand they’re making a big-ticket decision, and we give them the respect and time to make it.

It’s our Golden Rule:

Do unto prospects as you would have them do unto you.