Culture Is Key

There are lots of factors that go into succeeding in the landscaping business. You’ve got to deliver quality products and services. You’ve got to generate leads and close sales. You’ve got to keep your eye finely trained on the bottom line.

But just as crucial as all these factors is your company culture—the beliefs and behaviors that govern how your employees interact with each other and your clients. If you have a strong company culture, you can overcome obstacles, come what way. If you have a weak culture, well, good luck.

Joe Chiellini’s Ameriscape Services in Tampa, Florida, is a great example of this. Spend a few minutes with Joe and his team and you’ll quickly notice just how strong their company culture is. They’re open and honest with each other, no matter where a person fits in the org chart. Their managers are hands-on; everyone is accountable for delivering. They’re intensely loyal to each other. And they have fun.


It’s this culture that’s enabled Ameriscape to grow from $1 million to $11 million in sales in one of the most competitive markets in the country. And they’re not done yet: They’ve got an enormously ambitious plan for the future. They’ve also got the culture to attain it.

If you want to see for yourself just how Joe and his team are accomplishing all this, join us at our GROW! 2018 Annual Conference in Tampa, February 19–21, where we’ll take an all-access tour of Ameriscape. Hope to see you there!