Two Words That Pay Big Returns

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week, but then the days and weeks have a way of flying by when you’re working hard. I hope you all have plans to spend some time away from the office this week and celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

Before you do that though, take a few minutes to think about what you’re doing to say thank you to your clients, not just this season but all year long.

Have you trained everyone in your company—from those who answer the phones to your crews in the field to your top managers—to end every client interaction with a thank you? Do all your client communication materials include a line of gratitude at the bottom? Do you send handwritten thank-you notes to clients at the completion of a project?

These are all small but powerful ways to deepen your relationship with your clients and earn their loyalty. These actions will hardly cost you a penny, but they can pay big returns. Because the truth is your clients have a whole host of landscape companies to choose from. Make sure they know—again and again—how glad you are they’ve chosen you.

Now go eat some turkey and I’ll see you next week.