Combine Fun with a Good Cause

We’ve all seen the difference having a strong team spirit can make to the success of a company. Employees see themselves as part of something bigger than themselves. They work together to solve problems and get the job done. They actually like the people they work with, which can make even the most taxing or tedious tasks a lot more bearable.

But just how do you foster a strong team spirit?

The truth is you can’t force it. You can’t make people want to work together. But you can design activities that help nudge it along.

On Friday, my team at Grunder Landscaping headed down to the Dayton Foodbank, where we spent the afternoon sorting and boxing food for area residents in need. An annual event we call Grunder Gives Back, this outing enables my team to connect on a different level and to feel good about helping strengthen the community we all work in.

We still pay our staff for their time, just as if it were a regular work project, and we treat them to a pizza lunch beforehand. Then we crank up the holiday tunes and get the job done of helping the hungry, working together and having fun—as a team.

Now, in what’s the off season for many of us, is a great time to plan an activity like this. And I guarantee your local charities will be thrilled to have your help. It’s also, of course, great PR for your company.

See you next week!