Want Your Whole Landscaping Team to Think Like an Owner?

It should come as no surprise that we talk a lot about growth here at The Grow Group. How can we help our clients to grow their businesses? And, just as important, how we can help them to control their businesses—because, as many of us know all too well, if you grow too rapidly without the people and systems to support and sustain it, you won’t succeed for long.

Recently I asked two of my mentors, Frank Mariani of Mariani Landscape in Chicago and Mike Bogan, CEO of LandCare in San Diego and our host for the 2019 NALP Field Trip, what motivates them to continue to grow their enormously successful companies. Here’s what they shared with me:

Are you working to foster an owner mindset in your best team members? Are you charting a map for growth, both for your company and for your people? I promise you good things will happen for you when you do.

See you next week!

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Don’t Miss Out on a Truly Rare Opportunity

We’re heading to sunny San Diego August 6–7 for the fourth annual NALP Field Trip with Frank Mariani and Marty. Join us and go behind the scenes of the San Diego branch of LandCare, a national powerhouse with a local focus. This is a rare opportunity to see how a major company that’s figured out operations, training, and culture on a large scale applies that knowledge at a $6M branch and how you can too at your business.