How to Foster a Culture of Continual Improvement

Every other Friday at Grunder Landscaping, I shoot a quick video to share with my team. It’s an easy but effective way for me to check in with my staff, to recognize and celebrate their promotions, anniversaries, and contributions, and to keep them connected to the bigger picture for our company and the vital role each one of them plays in it.

This past week I asked our general manager, Seth, to join me on camera. After we talked about the state of the company and if we’re on track to meet our goals for the year, I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to add.

Without missing a beat, Seth said, “Progress is finding solutions.”

Seth + MJG vid screenshot.png

It’s one of his favorite sayings, but it’s more than just words—he actually means it. And what he means is that if you see a better way to do something at GLC, then speak up. If you think there’s a way we can improve our efficiency, increase our profitability, or strengthen our team, let us know! But the deal is you can’t just complain. Or, as Seth puts it,“If you think there’s an issue, come with a solution.”

It’s amazing the effect this kind of leadership approach can have on your team and your culture. There are good ideas all around you, if you challenge your people to come up with them, empower them to share them, and have the courage as an owner or manager to listen to and act on them. Seth’s right—that really is how you make progress.

See you next week!