Don’t Let the Heat Get to You

With July here, every landscaping business owner I know is incredibly busy right now. Our schedules are packed from morning to night, and we’re rushing to get everything done we need to do to ensure we meet our revenue and production goals.

Factor in the hot summer sun—and the “heat dome” that weather forecasters are ominously predicting will descend over much of the US this week—and we have all the makings of a whole heap of stress.

During times like this, it’s easy to get impatient and short-tempered with our teams, or to take them for granted and focus solely on ourselves. Don’t fall into this mindset. Now is when you need your hard-working crews most.

Instead look for ways you can show them your appreciation.

MJG Gatorade.png

Take cold drinks and cold towels to your teams in the field and help relieve them from the heat dome. Surprise your crews with doughnuts in the morning. Write a thank-you note to a dedicated employee. Hold a monthly barbecue for your staff and do the grilling and serving yourself.

Small acts of appreciation can have a big impact on the culture and success of your company. Make plans to perform at least one in the next few days.

Happy Fourth of July and I’ll see you next week!