Feel Like Your Whole Business Rides on You?

It’s a familiar trajectory in our industry: A young person buys a cheap lawnmower and starts cutting grass in the neighborhood to make some money. Then he buys a truck to reach new customers farther afield. In time and with grit and determination and a whole lot of hard work, he builds a full-fledged landscaping company, with a team of workers, a dedicated facility, a fleet of trucks, and all the rewards and responsibilities that come with being CEO.

Most of us know this path because we’ve walked it. And many of us are stressed out, believing the success of our business rides solely on us.

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t. And if you continue to think it does, if you persist in involving yourself in every decision, you’ll limit the growth of your company. You’ll probably give yourself an ulcer—or worse—too.

That’s where finding and developing capable right-hand men and women comes in. When you create and fill and foster these key positions, you lessen dependence on yourself as CEO. You free up the energy for you to focus on the big picture. You improve profitability and enable growth. You create paths for advancement for your team. And you buy yourself the time and peace of mind to take a vacation.

Where do you find the people who can play this instrumental role?

You start by making a list of everything you do as CEO—and I mean EVERYTHING. Write it all down this week. Then go back through your list and identify every task on it that someone else on your team now could do at least 80% as well as you.

Next week we’ll talk about what to do with this list. See you then.