Equip Your Crews for Maximum Efficiency

There’s a lot that goes into running an efficient landscaping operation. A motivated, well-trained team. Systems that save time. A culture of accountability. Measuring the right performance indicators, and then using those metrics to drive results.

Equipment plays a role too. At Grunder Landscaping Co., we’ve seen this firsthand.

Recently we acquired four of Vermeer’s mini skid steers. In our experience, the quality and performance of these machines far outpaces the competition. They’re smaller and lighter and easier to maneuver. They don’t tear up lawns the way others do. You can hop on and off them with ease. They’ve dramatically improved the efficiency of our crews.

Watch as Vermeer’s own Austin Bonnema talks us through what their mini skid steers can do:

I wouldn’t speak so highly of this machine if I couldn’t personally attest to the difference it can make. Want to learn more? You can schedule a product demo with Vermeer here.

See you next week!