Sometimes It Really Is the Little Things

There’s no getting around it:

Landscaping is hard work. It’s hot and dry out, or it’s wet and muddy. It can be hard on your back, and your knees, and your hands. The days are long.

We ask a lot of our teams in the field, and it’s important we show them we appreciate all they do. A good and fair compensation program is key, but so are all the little ways we convey we care.

That’s why if you had dropped by Grunder Landscaping headquarters Friday afternoon, you would have found me toiling away behind the grill while my team kicked back, ate up, and tossed beanbags at the corn-hole.

We do this once a month on Friday afternoons, on a non-payday week so we still end on a high note. It’s a chance for my crews to relax together, without a single production goal save to have fun and enjoy each other. It’s amazing what good food and conversation can do to bring a team together and boost morale. It‘s the best $200 investment I make every month.

What will you do this week to show your team you care?