Get Inspired

This past week we held the first of our two Fall Field Trips to Grunder Landscaping Co.

Of all the events we at MGI put on every year, these are my favorite. Why? Because they’re small, so I really get to know the attendees personally and understand where they’re at in their careers. I get to introduce them to my exceptional team and the company we’ve built, yard by yard, together. I get to show them seeing really is believing and that, with hard work and dedication, they too can achieve the success they seek.

GLC FT group pic 9 2017.jpg

More than all that, though, I love this event because the attendees inspire me to get better. Eli, Marc, Sean, and Joe aren’t even 30 yet and are already running successful companies that, with their tireless drive, are going to grow and grow. Jack has jumped into our industry head first after a long successful career in manufacturing; with his management experience and savvy, there’s no limit to where he can go.

Wesley, Steve, and Justin demonstrate how an accomplished company and team gets better and better by making constant improvement a priority. Bill, Geno, Mike, and Jonathan are figuring out how to manage explosive growth—the best problem in business to have. John asks incisive questions and is an immediate friend to all; he understands the power of relationships to run a company and, I suspect, close a sale.

Landscaping sometimes gets a bad rap these days. But after spending a day and some change with these guys, I have no doubt the future of our industry is bright. It’s up to each of us to foster that.

At the close of the trip, we go around the room and share our greatest takeaway. “For me,” John said, “it’s being surrounded by all these positive people.”

I couldn’t agree more.